5 reasons California Homeowners love Cool Roofs


Greatly accepted in the Industrial world; Cool Roof coatings are a relatively new concept for California homeowners. This low cost home improvement Looks great, saves money, is good for the environment, and greatly prolongs your roof’s life.

1. Heat Reflective Properties


– Nasa knows that the most important aspect of keeping a spacecraft cool is its ability to reflect light / heat. It is estimated that at least ⅓ of a home’s heat is absorbed through the roof. A Nutech Paint Cool Roof coating is designed with special pigments that reflect a high percentage of the sun’s heat. The inside of a home improved with Nutech Paint’s NXT Cool Roof will be on average 10f- 18f cooler than a home with a regular roof. Residence will live more comfortably and homeowners will save on all cooling related costs

2. Government Incentives

– California offers some of the best incentives for cool roof coatings, why?- because cool roofs work. Check your city for rebates.

3. Eco- Friendly


– A cool roof’s heat reflective property means that much less energy is necessary to cool a home; especially important when electricity is in peak demand.
– In the past when a roof system failed, the whole roof system would be replaced; an Eco Friendly alternative is to Cool Coat perfectly good roof tiles and reuse them, as opposed to discarding these tiles to overfilled landfills, then manufacturing and transporting new tiles.
– If you collect rainwater from your roof, Nutech Paint’s water based low VOC NXT Cool Coat Roof coatings make the perfect system.

4. Fresh resilient New Color


– Homeowners unanimously agree that a Custom Colored roof looks Good, and even improves the look of the neighborhood. Nutech Paints is one of the only Cool Coat Roof Paint manufacturers to produce a heat reflective coating for any roof type in any color.

Take a look at our Roof Paint Color Chart

5. Roof System Protection

– In general a heat reflective cool roof coating prolongs the life of the entire roof system. When heat is reflected and not absorbed the structure Expands and Contracts much less; this mean less cracking, pushed out nails, and the need to replace the crucial underlayment of the roof system.
– Nutech Paint goes one step further with it’s NXT Cool Coat; formulated with Nanotechnology it protects against moisture, mold, and algae. This added protection greatly improves the life of all structural elements.