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Become a Contractor

“We understand that without informed, connected, dedicated and professional applicators we could not exist.”

No Better time Than Now!

If you are a roofing contractor or a painter there is no better time than now to incorporate roof coating into your business. As California becomes more environmentally conscious, more Government cool roof rebates and incentives will be offered to California home and property owners. Be prepared when they ask/ search

The market his here!

With the majority of structures in California now between the ages of 20 – 40 years old with inefficient and failing roofs, Californians are in need of quality roof coatings; not just to protect and improve the performance of their structure, but also to help fight global and local warming; Creating an even cooler California.

Align yourself with a Great Brand

Nutech Paints is dedicated to continually developing the best roof coating product possible and growing it’s reputation world wide. Nutech Paints has its paints tested and validated by all major roofing and energy rating council boards; ensuring that Nutech Paints will always meet the requirements for all rebates.

The Application is simple but very effective

Nutech Paints is a very safe product for applicators, it’s simple to apply and always finishes great!

Great Manufacturer Warranties

Comprehensive Marketing and Business support

NutechPaintsCAapple We understand that marketing today can be uncertain and misleading for the average contractor. We know that you should be running your business instead of worrying about this website if you’re spending your marketing dollar wisely. We have developed a quiver of marketing strategies and tools designed specifically to help you grow your new business.

  • Full product application training
  • Sales support
  • Print advertising (door hangers – post cards)
  • Be a part of the Nutech Paints World Wide network of contractors – builders – and distributor

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