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Frequently asked questions

Why should I have my roof renovated?

All roofing materials have limited lifespans. This can be reduced by harsh sunshine and climatic conditions. Organic growth such as moss and lichen can also contribute towards the deterioration which can also leave you with an unattractive roof. By restoring your roof with Nutech Paints you give your home the look it deserves; greatly reduceing heat absorption during warmer weather and extending your roof’s life considerably.

What type of roof can be restored?

With the correct Nutech primer nearly any roof surface can be restored including concrete/cement tiles, clay tiles, fiber cement sheet / tiles, coated and non-coated metal sheets, asphalt shingles etc. If the surface is in a very poor condition or there is underlying damage, then replacement may be required and your Nutech roofing professional will advise you as to the condition of your roof.

Is a primer necessary?

Invariably yes; different primers carry out different functions. High build primers for rough weathered roof surfaces give a more consistent and durable finish. Adhesion promoted primers ensure paint doesn’t peel from smooth surfaces like clay, and penetrating primers soak into powdery and fibrous surface to bond the surface ready for the top coating system.

I have a quote from a company who say the first of the two topcoats is a primer coat, is this true?

NO, a primer and topcoat are different coatings so by definition they cannot be the same. Nutech Paint Roof Professional applicators always apply a specialty primer suited to your surface, which is then followed by two topcoats to give three independent coats.

How long will it take?

That will depend upon factors such as size, roof condition and the weather. If cement repointing work is needed, pointing must be fully dry before coating, never on the same day and each coat must be fully dry before the next one is applied. In ideal conditions a coating has the ability to dry within 30 minutes; but longer when it is cooler and more humid.

Is it a messy job?

The removal of accumulated dirt, moss etc. can be a little messy but your Nutech Roofing Professional will minimize this with ground sheets etc. Your home will be left as clean as it was before the job, if not more so by the time your applicator leaves.

How long will the coating last?

Nutech Paint carries a 12 year manufacturer’s warranty on the coatings, but life expectancy is nearer 20 years at which time it can simply be cleaned and re-coated again. Beware of companies only offering their own warranty; if it is not backed by the coating manufacturer it does not retain a valid product warranty and may well be illegal.

Why choose Nutech Paint?

As a world leader in the development and manufacture of roof coatings with over 38 years experience, Nutech Paint manufactures the best possible coating for your roof; anything else is second best.

What is Tileflex 2000?

Tileflex 2000 is a high quality 100% acrylic polymer resin, with UV light resistance, high quality non-fading pigments and highly effective polymer preservatives enhanced with Nano Technology. This coating is 100% waterproof, breathable and very, very durable.

What is NXT Cool Coat?

NXT Cool Coat is the next generation of roof coating technology. Also enhanced with Nano Technology, NXT Cool Coat reflects infra red light rays away from the roofs surface resulting in a reduced heat transfer from your roof to the inside of your home. Independent tests have shown NXT Cool Coat will reflect up to 98% of the suns heat from infra red light, so for hot climates like Australia, Asia and southern parts of the USA, NXT Cool Coat is the environment coating of the future.

Does Nutech coatings stop Moss?

NXT Cool Coat & Tileflex 2000 are extremely moss resistant. In the EU biocide legislation the chemicals required to make it “moss free” are illegal and have been for some years. Anybody making claims that their coating is 100% moss proof may be breaking the law (EU consumer protection act). Any any such claims should be met with a request to see the manufacturer’s warranty detailing the moss free element.

How do I check a contractor?

As a world leader in the field of roof renovation, we are often copied but NEVER equaled. Over the years there has been an increase in the number of “rogue tradesmen” who are claiming to be approved or licensed by Nutech Paint and to “be” using our coatings. We take very seriously any breaches of our trademarks and have shut down numerous websites where we have found breaches. For your peace of mind please contact us giving as much detail as possible about your quotation and we will confirm or deny the status of a person or company making claims to be using our products.