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“Rain or Shine, this Silicone will stand the test of time !”

  • Naturally cooler Building, significant energy savings
  • Don’t worry! It’s Covered by a Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • Easy and safe to apply
  • Will not fail / Crack under ponding water, GUARANTEED!
  • Will NOT turn Yellow

    Our white / gray silicone roof coating is a ready-to use, 96% solids, single component, breathable-moisture cured fluid applied roof coating with outstanding heat reflective properties and some of the best warranties in the industry.

    The Benefits of a White Roof Coating


    A “White Roof” is all about Solar reflectance and Our NXT Silicone posts some of the market’s highest Solar Reflectance percentages when applied, and after 3 years. A roof with a high Solar Reflectance will reflect light and tremendously reduce the amount of heat transferred into the structure. This reduction of heat exchange translates into a cooling cost savings of anywhere from 10%-50%; saving you money and lessening the amount of pollutions set into your community’s atmosphere. A naturally cooler building also means less wear and tear on air conditioning systems. A White Roof will also prevent heat related warping and cracking, ultimately extending the life of the roof .

    Why is a NXT – Silicone Single Membrane Roof the way to go?

    Due to a single membrane’s strength, flexibility, relative ease of installation and competitive price, it’s no wonder our NXT – Silicone roof coating has been growing in popularity with facility professionals and building owners. Our NXT – Silicone roof coating is manufactured in a state of the art factory with strict quality control requirements, ensuring a perfect finish every time. Our light,flexible and strong NXT Silicone single-ply membrane can also be used in some unconventional modern architecture roof designs.
    NXT – Silicone has been formulated with the ability to cure in hot & dry conditions as well as moist conditions (humidity is a plus rather than something that must be avoided); creating an impermeable membrane that resits ponding water, an ability very few other roof coatings can say they provide