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NXT Cool Coat

“Cool Roofs” coated with Nutech Paint’s NXT Cool Coat coatings will reflect light and heat away from your roof. On average, your roof will keep cooler by up to 86° F, meaning the inside of your home will be kept a comfortable 10-18°f cooler than outside temperatures. NXT Cool Coat Paint reflects between 30% and 91% of the sun’s heat. NXT Cool Coat Charcoal; our darkest coating color, has a Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) of 35% reflecting 500% more than conventional charcoal roof paint, on the other side of the color spectrum our NXT Cool Coat White has a TSR exceeding 90%. NXT Cool Coat Paint reduces summer cooling costs, peak energy usage, extends building life and will help reduce greenhouse gasses, global warming and landfill usage.

Heat Reflective Roof Coating

NXT Cool Coat is the superior coating choice for tiled and concrete roofs. With all the benefits of the NXT Range, Cool Coat is guaranteed to lower the temperature of your roof, resulting in a cooler home.

Application and Features

NXT Cool Coat is enhanced with Teflon and contains nano-technology for improved water beading and self cleaning properties. The cooling effect of NXT helps to prolong the life of the coating, resulting in a 12 year guarantee.


  • Water based
  • Low VOC formula
  • Advanced cross linking polymer chemistry
  • Fade resistant micronised pigments
  • Color resistant to chemicals, UV light and heat
  • De-foamer technology to eliminate foam and biological contamination
  • Waterproof
  • Drinking water safe

NXT Cool Coat Properties

Appearance Coloured Viscous Liquid
Volume Solids >40%
Specific Gravity >1.25
Water Solubility Soluble
Film Forming Temperature TEST
Dry Film Thickness 10°C
Application Rate 2 coats @ 4m2 per litre
Repaint 12 – 15 Years